Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I don't know why, but I've been reminiscing quite a bit lately. Last night I remembered a young man I met on holiday when I was 17; he was still a virgin - terribly attractive. We fooled around a bit under the Greek sun, and I once visited him back home. That's when I took his V Plates and taught him how to fly :-)

I consider myself a fairly well sexed lady; I've seen it all over the years. But for some reason, I still consider that to be one of the best shags I've ever had! I must confess that I did most the work, spending the majority of the time on top. I wasn't overly experienced myself back then, but I'd had a couple of boyfriends and knew how it worked. We were both hugely confused afterwards by the sizeable patch of slimy stuff on the bed afterwards, because he had definitely come inside the condom. Looking back, it would seem that I must have quite impressively squirted during my adolescent orgasm! This even surprises me now, because never since have I squirted like that. I've had the odd gush and mini squirts, but nothing on that scale. Well done virgin, you must've hit the spot!

Ah, sweet memories. Actually, I'm quite horny again now.

Brooke x

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