Monday, 12 March 2012

The Strongest Aphrodisiac

Morning all,

Sorry I've been away for so long! My life is packed full of fabulous things, but sadly it doesn't leave me much time to share them with you. However, I had a night last week that you really should hear about...

They say that power is an aphrodisiac. Some might disagree, citing accusations of shallowness and materialism, but the attraction to power goes beyond a man having the means to buy you pretty diamond toys. It's not about the money, but more the influence he possesses. When you see a crowd eating out of his hand, whether he's a politician, aristocracy or a rock star, you can't help but succumb to him. Girls: try telling me that a man of such stature has looked you straight in the eye, inviting you to go with him, and you didn't get a little bit wet...

I experienced this as a personal post-gig present for a guy who was clearly on top of his game. He drank in the adoration and thrived off of it; the consequence was a sexual confidence with no holds barred. After a drink and a slow dance in his lower-floor lounge, he took his success and channelled it into pure sex. It played out like a scene from a movie; first he kissed me in a way that made my stomach drop - one hand in my hair, and the other on my waist pulling me into him. He pushed me against the wall and explored my body, never taking his mouth from mine. Soon he was pulling me across the room towards the staircase, sensual and eager at the same time. He walked backwards up the stairs and I followed him willingly, starting to shed one item of clothing at a time. All that remained when we reached his bedroom was my satin lingerie and his boxers. He sat me on the edge of the bed, pulled my knickers down over my ankles and sank to his knees, putting his face between my thighs to lick my pussy in long, firm strokes. It felt incredible. When he surfaced, I slid down to his level, crouching with my back against the side of the bed so I could lower myself onto his hard and ready cock. I must have been crying out so loud, completely lost in the moment.

From there, he turned me onto the floor and thrust into me hard - I rubbed my clit as he fucked me there. I came for what felt like forever, one wave crashing over me after another. But he wasn't finished with me yet; then it was his turn to perch on the edge of the bed with me on my knees, running my tongue over his balls and taking him into my mouth. When he was close to coming, he pulled me up and flipped me round so I could bob up and down with him inside me from behind, holding his hips for support. Finally, he flipped me again and leaned me over the bed, going as hard and fast as I could handle. He gripped me tightly as he came, leaving us both gasping for air.

Power, influence and authority may often go hand in hand with some undesirable qualities: arrogance, selfishness, greed. But from where I'm standing, the ability to evoke desire is a common denominator!

More power to you, boys...

Brooke x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Letting Them Down Gently...

Has anyone discovered a good way to let someone down gently? If it's a crude advance in a bar, no problem. If it's someone you've been friendly with for a while, tricky. If it's someone you've been friendly with for a while and accidentally gave the ride of their life when you were drunk as a skunk, very problematic (but then, one could argue that 'you've made your bed, etcetera). There are some poor fellows who seem to not pick up on the signals... the more you pull away, the harder they try. But if you show any trace of pity at their desperation, they take this as a green light to continue - like a glimmer of hope. Fail.

Then you have the old friends, the ones you thought you'd established platonic boundaries with long ago, who suddenly announce that they've been in love with you all along. I've been informed that telling them the truth - that they're like a brother to you - is a kick in the nuts.

So what's a girl to do?

When I'm working, it's easy. You generally don't have the same emotional attachment to clients, and certainly don't have any obligations to them. I can be straight up with them, and simply discontinue our meetings if they're starting to melt for me... but when I'm just me, it does complicate things...

Brooke x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Happy, Horny New Year!

Ahhh, 2012. You've been a long time coming; let's hope this year lives up to the hype!

I've had a few emails wondering where I've been and if I'm alright; just to let you know that all is fine and lovely. Thank you for your concern, darlings! Having found myself more and more busy pursuing other projects, I've had to cut back my appointments (and the blogging). I'm quite missing the man-time, but still managing to squeeze in a little debauchery! Now just a few old time favourites make it into my diary...

You'll be glad to hear that my New Year's Eve celebrations were suitably filthy. I went to visit my friend Alex (an ex porn star). He arranged a small gathering at his town house, with endless amounts of vodka and champagne. In a haze of silliness, everyone's outfits we're swapped several times; I ended up spending most of the night in a very tiny cheerleader outfit (while another gentleman wore my sequin dress). Taking a shine to one of his friends, I made sure he was my kiss at midnight. We slipped away upstairs in the early hours and played some intoxicated roleplay. I took champagne in my mouth before going down on him, teasing the tip of his cock with the fizz. I ran my tongue along his shaft, around his balls and underneath between his legs, making him groan as I pushed wet pressure there. I don't know how long we were entwined, but both of us came twice before resurfacing. The sun was up when we emerged. I smoked a joint on the balcony in the light rain before joining the sleepy mass of bodies on the sofas; everyone was spent. Dirty and beautiful.

I may be away for a while again, but I'll try to check in when I can to fill you in.

Much love,

Brooke x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmassy Nails!

I've done quite well at keeping the Christmas excitement this year, having successfully delayed the playing of Christmas songs and decorating my flat until December. But today, I couldn't resist the shiny gold allure of the new foil nail varnish by Barry M. I was planning to get a metallic effect for the festive period next time I went for a manicure, but this stuff is brilliant! I love doing my own nails too, and this means I can change my mind regularly without splurging. Ladies (and gentlemen who are so inclined), it's a bargain and it's gorgeous. Love it.

Brooke x

Friday, 18 November 2011

Raw Whips and Red Wine

I had a wild night on Wednesday, which was well worth the lack of sleep. I arrived at my client's flat at 10pm, well after the sun had gone down. Under my long coat I wore all black: stiletto thigh boots, a satin corset, lace hotpants and lace fingerless gloves. I knew that he wouldn't need to make small talk before getting down to business, so I teased myself with fantasies on the taxi ride over there, ready for action the moment he answered the door. I pushed him back as I stepped inside, holding eye contact as I closed the door behind me. There in the hall, I let my coat and bag drop to the floor, showing him exactly what he was in for.

I was the boss that night, so I only spoke to give him orders: "Hang up my coat". "Bring me some wine". "Take off your clothes." "Get on your knees." He obliged happily to every request I made with an eagerness that made me suppress a smile. Indulging myself, I made him go down on me as I stood over him, without removing any of my clothes; it can't have been comfortable for his neck, and he had to hold the lace aside as he licked my pussy in long, wet strokes. I gripped his hair with my hand, controlling the pressure I wanted. I could feel those familiar sensations starting to build up inside me, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of feeling me come on his face just yet. Pushing him away, I told him to stay there on his knees while I got some silk scarves from my bag. I tied one around his eyes as a blindfold, and another to bind his hands behind his back. Then I got my whip and stood behind him in silence until he was practically squirming with anticipation. One light crack on the back of his thighs made him cry out, followed by another on his backside. I stopped every now and then to casually sip my wine and leave him hanging, unsure of what he had signed up for.

In general, I like being submissive just as much as I enjoy dominating, though I avoid severe sadomasochism (I'm a wimp with pain); just enough to heighten the senses and leave you on edge. I can't help but love giving pleasure too, so after an hour of teasing and punishing him, I helped him to his feet, led him to the bed and pushed him onto it. When he felt my warm, soft lips around his hard cock he became even more vocal, and incredibly grateful. I ran my tongue along the length of it, then took him deep into my mouth. He came within a couple of minutes, letting out a groan almost as loud as when I was whipping him. Now it was my turn; I untied his hands, then climbed up to sit on his still-blindfolded face. Once again he licked me with enthusiasm, making me even wetter and hotter. I leaned forwards with my hands against the wall, my clit pressing against his tongue as I gyrated my hips there. This time I gave in to the waves and came with a violent shudder.

After that, we finally got to say 'hello'!

Brooke x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Digging Out the Domme Boots

Hello lovelies,

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm still here! Even now I'll need to keep it brief; am wishing there were more hours in the day.

I realised that it's been a while since I had a bit of dominatrix role play at an appointment, but the opportunity may be arising this week. I'll be delighted to dig out those thigh boots! Every now and then I get in a mood where I really want to be in control; the power gives you a huge adrenaline rush - one that makes your mouth water and your body heat up. Sometimes I think about it when I touch myself, and it never fails to get me off.

The way I'm feeling right now, this guy had better watch out...

Brooke x

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pretty Down There

The last few decades have brought about some huge changes in what's considered pretty down there. If you watch 70s porn, you'll see that women were still sporting a full bush; this was totally normal, and anything besides a slight trim was rare. Today, you'd be hard pushed to find a lady garden that hasn't been heavily pruned! Many women, especially in the escort world, prefer to go bare. All salons now offer Brazilian and Hollywood waxes, and for those who can't take the pain there's always the good old razor. Those are the most conventional methods, but you can get more long term results from laser treatment, and top up with tweezers.

The 1990s bought about the slightly hilarious fashion of dying and shaping pubic hair; you could have anything from a pink heart to a full on Union Jack flag. I get the feeling it was more of a novelty styling than one that caught on amongst the general public; it was something that passed me by. A phenomenon that's more recent is the art of 'vajazzle'. As pretty as sparkly things are, this one leaves me slightly befuddled - though not half as befuddled as 'pajazzling', which is decorating a penis with rhine stones. I most certainly would not put that inside me!

Unless something unexpectedly comes into fashion, I'm going to keep mine as a neat little Brazilian; it's worked for me so far!

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering about that fine young thing pictured in the previous post, I found her on Chic London Escorts website - they have a section for younger girls. Bet they get a lot of inappropriate requests!


Brooke x