Friday, 18 November 2011

Raw Whips and Red Wine

I had a wild night on Wednesday, which was well worth the lack of sleep. I arrived at my client's flat at 10pm, well after the sun had gone down. Under my long coat I wore all black: stiletto thigh boots, a satin corset, lace hotpants and lace fingerless gloves. I knew that he wouldn't need to make small talk before getting down to business, so I teased myself with fantasies on the taxi ride over there, ready for action the moment he answered the door. I pushed him back as I stepped inside, holding eye contact as I closed the door behind me. There in the hall, I let my coat and bag drop to the floor, showing him exactly what he was in for.

I was the boss that night, so I only spoke to give him orders: "Hang up my coat". "Bring me some wine". "Take off your clothes." "Get on your knees." He obliged happily to every request I made with an eagerness that made me suppress a smile. Indulging myself, I made him go down on me as I stood over him, without removing any of my clothes; it can't have been comfortable for his neck, and he had to hold the lace aside as he licked my pussy in long, wet strokes. I gripped his hair with my hand, controlling the pressure I wanted. I could feel those familiar sensations starting to build up inside me, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of feeling me come on his face just yet. Pushing him away, I told him to stay there on his knees while I got some silk scarves from my bag. I tied one around his eyes as a blindfold, and another to bind his hands behind his back. Then I got my whip and stood behind him in silence until he was practically squirming with anticipation. One light crack on the back of his thighs made him cry out, followed by another on his backside. I stopped every now and then to casually sip my wine and leave him hanging, unsure of what he had signed up for.

In general, I like being submissive just as much as I enjoy dominating, though I avoid severe sadomasochism (I'm a wimp with pain); just enough to heighten the senses and leave you on edge. I can't help but love giving pleasure too, so after an hour of teasing and punishing him, I helped him to his feet, led him to the bed and pushed him onto it. When he felt my warm, soft lips around his hard cock he became even more vocal, and incredibly grateful. I ran my tongue along the length of it, then took him deep into my mouth. He came within a couple of minutes, letting out a groan almost as loud as when I was whipping him. Now it was my turn; I untied his hands, then climbed up to sit on his still-blindfolded face. Once again he licked me with enthusiasm, making me even wetter and hotter. I leaned forwards with my hands against the wall, my clit pressing against his tongue as I gyrated my hips there. This time I gave in to the waves and came with a violent shudder.

After that, we finally got to say 'hello'!

Brooke x

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