Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pretty Down There

The last few decades have brought about some huge changes in what's considered pretty down there. If you watch 70s porn, you'll see that women were still sporting a full bush; this was totally normal, and anything besides a slight trim was rare. Today, you'd be hard pushed to find a lady garden that hasn't been heavily pruned! Many women, especially in the escort world, prefer to go bare. All salons now offer Brazilian and Hollywood waxes, and for those who can't take the pain there's always the good old razor. Those are the most conventional methods, but you can get more long term results from laser treatment, and top up with tweezers.

The 1990s bought about the slightly hilarious fashion of dying and shaping pubic hair; you could have anything from a pink heart to a full on Union Jack flag. I get the feeling it was more of a novelty styling than one that caught on amongst the general public; it was something that passed me by. A phenomenon that's more recent is the art of 'vajazzle'. As pretty as sparkly things are, this one leaves me slightly befuddled - though not half as befuddled as 'pajazzling', which is decorating a penis with rhine stones. I most certainly would not put that inside me!

Unless something unexpectedly comes into fashion, I'm going to keep mine as a neat little Brazilian; it's worked for me so far!

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering about that fine young thing pictured in the previous post, I found her on Chic London Escorts website - they have a section for younger girls. Bet they get a lot of inappropriate requests!


Brooke x

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  1. I've come to find that men really don't care about the wrapper. They want the candy =) Dressing up your vagina with jewels---damn you Jennifer Love Hewitt haha