Friday, 4 November 2011

His Fantasy Girl

We're all guilty of it sometimes... If a client doesn't really do it for me physically, I have been known to sometimes let my mind wander to somebody who does - whether it's a movie star like Johnny Depp or the guy who fixed our boiler the week before. It helps me to transform into his fantasy girl, making me wet and eager for him; ultimately, we both enjoy it more!

I had that situation this week. I couldn't stop my mind wandering off to that sexy guy, imagining it was him grabbing the curves of my body and pulling me into him. It's fun to act out what you're fantasising about!

Must dash, I'm a very busy lady...

Brooke x


  1. Just be careful not to scream out your fantasy guys name instead of your clients... But yes, we all do it sometimes.

  2. Indeed! Luckily that's never happened in the bedroom :)