Monday, 12 March 2012

The Strongest Aphrodisiac

Morning all,

Sorry I've been away for so long! My life is packed full of fabulous things, but sadly it doesn't leave me much time to share them with you. However, I had a night last week that you really should hear about...

They say that power is an aphrodisiac. Some might disagree, citing accusations of shallowness and materialism, but the attraction to power goes beyond a man having the means to buy you pretty diamond toys. It's not about the money, but more the influence he possesses. When you see a crowd eating out of his hand, whether he's a politician, aristocracy or a rock star, you can't help but succumb to him. Girls: try telling me that a man of such stature has looked you straight in the eye, inviting you to go with him, and you didn't get a little bit wet...

I experienced this as a personal post-gig present for a guy who was clearly on top of his game. He drank in the adoration and thrived off of it; the consequence was a sexual confidence with no holds barred. After a drink and a slow dance in his lower-floor lounge, he took his success and channelled it into pure sex. It played out like a scene from a movie; first he kissed me in a way that made my stomach drop - one hand in my hair, and the other on my waist pulling me into him. He pushed me against the wall and explored my body, never taking his mouth from mine. Soon he was pulling me across the room towards the staircase, sensual and eager at the same time. He walked backwards up the stairs and I followed him willingly, starting to shed one item of clothing at a time. All that remained when we reached his bedroom was my satin lingerie and his boxers. He sat me on the edge of the bed, pulled my knickers down over my ankles and sank to his knees, putting his face between my thighs to lick my pussy in long, firm strokes. It felt incredible. When he surfaced, I slid down to his level, crouching with my back against the side of the bed so I could lower myself onto his hard and ready cock. I must have been crying out so loud, completely lost in the moment.

From there, he turned me onto the floor and thrust into me hard - I rubbed my clit as he fucked me there. I came for what felt like forever, one wave crashing over me after another. But he wasn't finished with me yet; then it was his turn to perch on the edge of the bed with me on my knees, running my tongue over his balls and taking him into my mouth. When he was close to coming, he pulled me up and flipped me round so I could bob up and down with him inside me from behind, holding his hips for support. Finally, he flipped me again and leaned me over the bed, going as hard and fast as I could handle. He gripped me tightly as he came, leaving us both gasping for air.

Power, influence and authority may often go hand in hand with some undesirable qualities: arrogance, selfishness, greed. But from where I'm standing, the ability to evoke desire is a common denominator!

More power to you, boys...

Brooke x


  1. When I run into a man who is into turning and pushing me into a hundred different positions, I can't decide whether it's a good thing or a bad thing :D Acrobatic sex just turns the passion into a performance somehow?

  2. I completely agree with you on the subject of power. I've actually been in the process of writing my own post on power, confidence, and passion. Sadly it's partially in order to stop myself from jumping on this one guy I've been casually seeing, because he's not good for me.
    As a sugar baby in training, training being the operative word seeing as I have yet to meet with anyone, I'm wondering how you have so much confidence in yourself and what you do. I am very open minded and believe that prostitution should be legalized in my country, but I find myself hesitant about making a business transaction involving sex and money. How do you get over that feeling and did you have a similar initial reaction?

    1. Hi Cupcakes, I wonder where your life has taken you in the year since you wrote this? It's been so long since I checked in! The first time felt very strange and surreal, but after that it became quite normal. But if you feel more comfortable as a sugar baby, let him spoil you that way! x

  3. It should come as no surprise that power is an aphrodisiac. It's buried deep in our evolutionary history.

    Both sexes have been tuned to optimize their genetic success (the successful ones get to define the next generation). Humans are unique among mammals in two related ways: Human young require intensive care for a long time (unlike, for example, a housecat where the young require intense care for only a week or two), and relatedly, human females (unlike a housecat) remain sexually receptive even when not fertile. This keeps the male around for a more extended time.

    Mating with a powerful male with resources greatly increases her genetic success. From the male's side, acquiring power and resources is biologically expensive but it greatly increases mating opportunities.

    With each generation men with power and resources, and women who attracted those men got to contribute a disproportionate amount to our genetic makup.


  4. Hey darling Brooke, are you resigning from your role as a fantastic blogger? If you are up to it, why not write a farewell post? You know, just to wrap it up. I've lost count on the number of times that I've come to your page and see no new updates. Oh well, life is busy after all ;)

  5. Hello Josephine! I am sorry I left you all with no farewell. It's been a year now and my life as changed so much, but perhaps I should do this anyway, as there are still the occasional new visitors. I hope life has been good to you x