Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pulling Myself Together

Ok, I've allowed myself time to go over that day in my head, and unless he visits the UK again or invites me over there, I will not dwell on it any longer. I won't compare every other guy or client to him, that would be seriously unfair on the rest of the male population!

Went to Josh's last night. I think he could tell I was a bit distant, so he tried his best to cheer me up, bless him. He cooked for me, and gave me an awesome massage. I felt myself heating up as he worked his hands lower; he planted delicate kisses on the nape of my neck, and bit gently at my ear lobes and shoulders. The guilt I felt melted away, making way for the lust that always overcomes me when Josh is around. As usual, by the time his fingers found my pussy it was already so wet. A little gasp escaped his lips when he felt that, every time's like the first at that moment. I was still lying face down on the bed from the massage, but raised my hips enough for his hand to work under me. He shifted down slightly and prised my legs further apart so he could enter me from behind. The weight of his body along the length of mine crushed me, but it felt good. His hand pushed my head into the bed even harder, and his thrusts became more rough. The pillows muffled the noise of me crying out. I managed to wriggle one of my hands free, and pushed my arse further into him, giving myself space to rub my clit.

I don't multiple orgasm very often, but when I do it's incredible. I'm sure any girl will vouch for that! We stayed in bed for the rest of the evening, and made much more slow & gentle love during the night. Feeling much more positive today, and realise that I shouldn't feel guilty for being drawn to other guys. There are some things you can't control.


Brooke x

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