Monday, 1 June 2009

A First

Oh My God. This has never happened to me before.

I had an overnight stay booked with a guy I hadn't met before, up until after dinner on Sunday. He was visiting the UK and doesn't really know anyone here, so just wanted some company. I was actually gobsmacked when I saw him. He was the same age as me, and drop dead gorgeous. I don't just mean attractive, I mean my knickers were wet before we got to the bar. He was a bit shy at first but soon loosened up, and he turned out to be clever, funny, perfect English. I was practically swooning.

I honestly don't think that he would have come onto me, that's not the reason he booked me. But once I kissed him, we couldn't stop. I think I broke my own record of the number of blow jobs I've given in 24 hours, and loved every minute of it.

The awful thing is, my appointment was due to finish at 9pm last night - and I woke up next to him this morning. No extra charge, I just didn't want to let him go. I feel bad for betraying Josh, this is the first time I've felt this way about a client. A dangerous game. He had to leave the UK today, I don't want to see Josh tonight because my head is still full of him. I'm kind of pining, most unlike me.

I'm going to allow myself the rest of the day to think about him, then make myself stop. This is not allowed.

I want him.

Brooke x


  1. Stop beating yourself up. You wouldnt be doing this if it was all horrible. Enjoy the good moments with no guilt. And the fact that you enjoyed yourself opens the possibility for repeat business. Us men ight be dumb, but the GFE really feels good.