Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Going Down on Him...

It hadn't occurred to me until last night that it has been ages since I last gave someone a blow job. How did that happen? It's my forte! My long time readers will know how much I love a warm, hard cock in my mouth; I don't understand why some girls are squeamish about it. Sure, the first time you ever go down on a guy it's a bit intimidating - just as it is for a someone going down on a girl for the first time. But as long as he's clean and not too pushy, it's a delicious experience!

Guys, a few tips if your lady is reluctant to pleasure you in this way:

1. Always shower thoroughly before getting down to it. Her turn-off could simply be your sub-par hygiene.
2. Don't shove it down her throat and make her choke. That will put her off for life. Perhaps she'll let you do that in the future when she's more comfortable and experienced, but you need to work up to that with mutual consent.
3. Don't ejaculate into her mouth or on her face without warning. This is something else that needs to be consensual, and will come in time, but to do it prematurely (no pun intended) will seriously deter her.

I know that a lot of men visit escorts because their partners aren't very adventurous - vanilla sex will only get you so far. It's kind of sad... these women are missing out too! Believe it or not, I used to be a bit of a prude once. I still have my boundaries, but I am happy to let a man come wherever he wants (bar in my eye - that stings). One of the biggest turn-ons possible is witnessing your sexual partner getting off. Seeing them climax right in front of you is so much better than watching porn! Especially when it's you that's made it happen.

Last night, he finished off in my mouth, and it swallowed it all for him then looked up to catch his final moments of ecstasy. I definitely won't leave it so long next time.

Brooke x

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  1. Oh, yes how right you have. Something what you have say, what to do before, is normally clear, or is``nt ? For me really.

    But I like also to make it for the girl, to lick her to the moment that she comes. I find that is the greatest moment, to feel her explotion.

    And if a girl have no shy for the coming of a men in her mouth or face, I think that is a great present.

    Ok, my english is not good enough to say all,

    nice greets