Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Heavy Sofa Session

I've seen a lot of nice places in my time, but when my client invited me back to his place on Tuesday night I was very impressed with his pad. He lives in the penthouse on private grounds overlooking the river. Everything was clean, modern, and a glass wall gave breathtaking views across the city. It was a shame that the rain meant we couldn't drink on the balcony as he'd planned, but the leather sofas did us just fine.

With me on wine and him on beer, everything seemed to be running smoothly; I sat in the corner of the sofa with my legs across his lap. He stroked my thigh, and gradually my skirt rode up enough to reveal the lace top of my stocking. I felt him harden underneath me as his fingers brushed the fabric, and he pushed it up further to discover by bare pussy, framed by suspenders. There was no turning back from that point: he put down his drink and took mine to put on the floor, instantly turning his attention to between my legs. He stroked the soft skin there first, and bent forward to kiss me; I felt the pressure from his lips get harder as he dipped a finger inside me and felt that I was already wet.

The next minute went fluidly; his trousers came down and he slid inside me, hooking my legs over him sideways. It hit my g-spot and felt amazing - I told him so. That almost made him come straight away, but he managed to hold back by slowing down. He fucked me there on my side for a while, then I pushed him up and climbed on top to straddle. I pulled my dress up over my head but kept on the lingerie. He gripped onto my waist and moved with me as I rode up and down the length of his cock, pushing down as hard as I could to take him deep. As I ground into him I leaned forwards so my breasts were pressed against his face, and titled my hips to rub my clit against him.

We finished with him bearing down on me as I sank into the sofa with my legs wide open; I told him to go faster so that he would come when I did. I was very vocal about letting him know how close I was, and that did the trick.

I wonder if any penthouse residents of neighbouring blocks had a live sex show?

Brooke x

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