Monday, 11 July 2011

A Sweet Recollection

I've had a few days off over the weekend and am feeling very refreshed. An old friend threw a party in the grounds of a beautiful mansion owned by her parents-in-law. This is why I love summer so much; Pimms and Champagne with a back drop of blue sky! We were very lucky - it seemed to be raining right up until Saturday morning and just took a few hours off to let the sun shine on us. The weather must have heard I was coming ;) The only downside is that you can't wear heels on grass; luckily I had a pair of vintage style wedges that went perfectly with my A-line dress, clinched at the waist. Very ladylike.

Although I've been a very good girl for the past few days (bar heavy consumption of alcohol), I did have a date last Thursday night which I have no problem recalling for you. In fact, I'm feeling pretty wet just thinking about it.

It was supposed to be my job to soothe a very tired, stressed client who has secured some huge business deals this week. I suppose you could say that he rewarded his success with an evening in my company! I had planned to spend some time massaging his back and his shoulders, but as we climbed onto the bed he stripped me naked and pushed me down onto my front. He had obviously remembered where I like to be kissed from last time, and started to trail light kisses down my neck. I instantly had goosebumps and felt blood rush down through my body. He carried on brushing his lips against my skin, working his way down the length of my back and running his tongue across the most sensitive places. I tried to reach back to touch him, but he pinned my hand back where it was - I couldn't move as he was straddling my thighs. I loved having him in control like that, and felt so turned on that I was desperate for him to fuck me right there and then. He must have noticed my impatience; he laughed and let a finger stroke between my legs. Feeling how wet my pussy was pushed him over the edge, unable to hold back and tease me any longer.

He sat up and let me open my legs for him, still laid on my front. He lifted my hips slightly and eased himself in; I could feel that he was rock hard and even bigger than I'd remembered. It was impossible for me to keep quiet - each time he slid inside it filled me up completely, making me gasp and cry out. I could feel his body completely covering me, but my face stayed down as he pushed deep into me again and again.

When he finally let me turn round to face him, I slid up the bed to the pillow and arched myself towards him, inviting him into my mouth. He took his cock and rubbed it between my breasts, and then into my mouth with my hot lips tight around the head. When it was wet enough, I used my hands to stroke him harder against me and more forcefully into my mouth until he was ready to explode. He came with a groan, coming hard all over my breasts and my face. I rubbed it across my lips, making him shudder each time my tongue flicked across his tip.

His massive orgasm was some consolation for me managing to get cum in my eye... it always stings like hell! Worth it though, for a job well done.

Having an evening of pampering tonight... I think a mini-manicure is called for.

Brooke x

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