Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Description of my Lingerie

Not a lot has happened today, so I thought I'd tell you in detail about the lingerie I've just put on for my date later.

I'm wearing a matching two-piece in turquoise satin; the bra has black lace running from the middle ribbon bow, continuing onto the straps over my shoulders. It gives me a tempting cleavage, pushing my breasts together ever so slightly. The bottom half is not panties, nor french knickers, nor a thong; in fact, I'm bare naked down there. The matching piece is actually a suspender belt in the same turquoise satin and black lace. The suspenders clip onto the lace tops of my sheer black stockings, resting flat against my smooth thighs.

On my feet are one of my favourite pairs of heels: black patent Christian Louboutins. They're classic, sexy and go with everything. Even better, they're comfortable enough to keep on as you bend me over a desk and take me from behind. Bonus.

I hope you have a good mental picture...

Brooke x

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