Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Good, Hard Seeing To

Last night was HOT. Delicious. I spent the whole night so we were in no rush; after a few drinks, we had dinner at a cute French restaurant and stayed until they were counting up the till. Why am I always the last one standing?!

Back at his place, we couldn't stop kissing. You know how some mouths are extra compatible? Each touch of his lips sent flutters through me, and when he ran his hand along my inner thigh, I got wet instantly. He gently stroked me through the black lace of my thong, but all I wanted was for him to pull it aside and feel what he had done to me. At this point we were precariously balanced on the sofa; feeling impatient for him, I grabbed his hand and marched him to the bedroom.

Taking off his shirt was just as good as I remembered; smooth, tanned skin on his broad back, and just enough hair on his chest to bring out my animalistic side. I love that he lets me scratch my nails down his back, digging them in when I want him to push harder. I felt so small when he was wrapped around me - such a manly man! After expertly going down on me, he climbed up over me and I wrapped my legs around his back. He was inches from my face as he pushed inside me, gently at first and then thrusting harder as he eased all the way into me. I came twice from penetration alone, which isn't that common. I could have fucked him all night long if he hadn't worn me out so much!

Feeling like the cat that got the cream. Love my job.

Brooke x

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