Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sexual Dreams

Apparently, dreams can last from a few seconds up to around 45 minutes - but when you wake up from a deep slumber, it seems as though you've been lost in that world for days. I was rudely awakened by my alarm this morning, forced to reluctantly pull myself away from the gorgeous man I'd spent the night with (in my head). I can't fully recall his face now, but I think he was a mix between a couple of clients; mid thirties, sandy blond hair, tall and well built. I remember him throwing me around as if I were weightless, and constantly teasing me sexually. I don't think he wore a shirt the entire time.

We never actually did the deed; he kissed me, brushed his lips across my chest and stomach, ran his fingers up my thighs and laid on me with his hard cock pressing against me through his jeans. I wanted him so desperately, but never quite made it there. So frustrating! I wonder if it would have happened if my alarm hadn't gone off?

I actually felt a bit melancholy when I woke up, gutted that this man doesn't actually exist. I really wanted him. Maybe another night...

Brooke x

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