Monday, 9 May 2011

Barely Alive...

Oh, my. That was a heavy weekend. I always plan too much, thinking that I'll be able to meet a client, go clubbing, sleep for a few hours and be up again to meet friends for lunch on the docks. That last part didn't happen, unfortunately! Saturday night was so crazy; my client persuaded me to extend, so I was late to the club and played 'catch up' on the vodka - my friends were way ahead of me in the tipsy stakes at that point. I was also carrying a fair amount of cash, which resulted in me being far to generous when I got drunk. How did I spend that much on alcohol?!

Sunday was purely a day of recovery. No phone calls, no light. Only my darling flat mate was allowed in to bring me an afternoon breakfast, bless her. I'm feeling a little more human today, but only just!

Brooke x

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