Friday, 25 February 2011

Lazy Sex

Mmmm, that was just what I needed. My night went pretty much as planned; we had wine and nibbles, and a huge comfortable sofa. The first time we tried to watch the film, not much attention was paid; although he was tired from work, he couldn't keep his hands or eyes off me. His hand would start innocently stroking my knee, then work its way up my thigh. The other one resting on my waist inevitably crept up, until his hand was clasped firmly around my breast. It was early in the evening, but he took me right there. Entangled on the cushions, he leaned over and lifted one of my legs to wrap around his waist. I held the back of his hair as he was grinding into me, slow and hard. His hot breath was close to my ear, and hearing every little gasp and groan really turned me on. I tilted my hips up towards him letting him go as deep as he could, and he came inside me with a long shudder.

We managed to watch the second half of the film, and then I offered him my massage skills (which he gladly accepted). We went to the bedroom and found some oils, and I undressed him, then myself. Lying him on his front, I positioned myself on his lower back, a leg either side of him. I get a rush being in this position of sexual power; he's at the mercy of my hands and my body. As I rubbed my hands along his back, I gently rocked hips forward to feel his skin against my pussy. It got me really wet, and he could feel it. I knelt up to let him turn over beneath me, and lowered myself down onto his cock, rock hard. This time was more energetic than the first, and I came before him. We were both exhausted after that!

I'll be strapping my escort shoes on again tomorrow, weekend fun :)

Brooke x

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