Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hotel Day

When a man invites you for breakfast, you usually expect it to be a not-very-gentlemanly invite to bed. However, I will be beginning a date with breakfast tomorrow, rather than ending it that way. One of my favourite silver foxes has a rare day off, and is planning to take full advantage of the hotel's facilities while he's in town. We're starting off with breakfast, and will probably spend most of the afternoon in the spa. A couples massage would be bliss... I'm sure that could be arranged. Usually it's me who does the massaging - it would be nice to be on the receiving end! We have dinner reservations in the evening, and I'll be leaving him around midnight. I think I'll have to take a whole suitcase for outfit changes!

If you're working behind a desk tomorrow, I'm very sorry to make you jealous this way... you'll just have to fantasise about me to keep you occupied ;)

Brooke x

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