Monday, 31 January 2011

Love on the Train

This isn't quite as hot as the title may suggest, but I fell in love on the train this weekend. I had to travel outside London and had an hour to kill on the journey. My book got no attention though, as my eyes were fixed on this gorgeous man at the end of the carriage. He looked about my age, and was carrying a guitar case. I imagined he was one of those artistic, slightly mysterious types. Unfortunately he seemed very preoccupied and didn't look in my direction; instead of getting his attention, I sat there gazing at him like a school girl. I'm sure I would have blushed if he looked at me! I love how different guys have different effects on me - some make me feel confident and empowered, others make me weak at the knees. I enjoy both feelings.

I doubt I'll ever see him again, but it gave me something to think about when I touched myself in bed that night...

Brooke x

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