Thursday, 27 January 2011


I am feeling rather sorry for myself today. I overslept, and the hangover kicked in mid morning; I'm still feeling extremely delicate. So worth it though! My client looked gorgeous in his tuxedo, he really does scrub up well. I wore a plum coloured, strapless floor length gown and my hair pinned in loose curls. The first half of the night was spent doing some very civilised schmoozing with his business colleages, and sucking up to investors. After they went home, we could really let our hair down; we started on the shots and got pretty tipsy!

We had originally planned to go back to his place, but it was right across London and would have taken an hour in a taxi. Instead, he checked us into a nearby hotel. In his slightly drunken state, he demanded their best room, ordering more wine to be sent up. We were a bit like giggling children in the suite, discarding our clothes messily in favour of the bath robes. I was still wearing it as he took me on the bed, unbelted at the front with nothing underneath. As I laid on my back the room was spinning slightly, but soon he came and rolled over. We fell asleep quickly, and never did finish the wine.

Brooke x

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