Thursday, 3 February 2011

Treat Me Like a Princess

I really was treated like a princess yesterday. I wasn't so keen on the early start; me and mornings don't get along. But I was feeling quite positive by the time I arrived, and ready to indulge myself. My bag was taken to the suite while I was shown to the breakfast room, where he was already waiting for me. I was spoilt for choice with the food - I went continental and treated myself to a croissant and some fresh fruit. We talked and laughed here for an hour, as if we were sitting in a wine bar. This guys has such interesting stories to tell - I don't know how many of them are true!

I think that this client wouldn't need to hire an escort; he's got that suave charm that makes women of any age giggle and flutter their eyelids. I bet he could walk into any bar and pick up a girl half his age, so I feel quite privileged that he chooses to see me. I couldn't imagine being in a relationship with him, but it's fun to slip into a fantasy with him every now and then. Yesterday was one of those fantasy days.

We got a bit tipsy during the afternoon; we took a break from the spa to go back to his room, not wanting to wait until night time. Our bodies were oily from the massage, and my skin slipped against his deliciously. He stroked his hands firmly up my body and took my breasts in his hands, kneading them gently and rubbing his hands across my hard nipples. He spooned me from behind on the bed, feeling my body as he slowly pushed in and out of me. I had a long, gradual build up of pleasure, coming in ripples and waves through my stomach and between my legs. When I came, my muscles pulsed tightly around his cock, and he followed me shortly after that.

We felt kind of smug back in the jacuzzi, knowing what we'd been doing half an hour earlier, and what we'd be doing a few hours later. Great day.

Brooke x

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