Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Retail Therapy

Right: it's time for me to get excited about life again. I have a date this week and I will not cancel it because I feel a bit rubbish. I'm going to be proactive and perk myself up, whether my brain likes it or not! I really do have a great life and there's no reason whatsoever to be feeling like this.

One thing that usually cheers me up is a bit of retail therapy; I may take myself along to Westfield to see if anything catches my eye. It's only a temporary rush though - much like sex. I wonder if I'd get double the buzz from having sex in a changing room? I've never had the guts to do that, but it does sound pretty exciting! Maybe I could be trying on a silk chemise, or I might need help unzipping a dress. I can imagine looking right into some unsuspecting shop assistant's eyes in the mirror as he stands behind me. Now there's a fantasy I could get lost in...

Now I definitely want to go shopping!

Brooke x

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