Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sock Weather

As much as I refuse to accept it, it's just not peep toe shoes weather any more. For the next few months, every day that I leave the house will have to be a boot day. Of course I do adore some of my boots, but I mourn for my high heeled summery shoes with their straps and bows and sling backs. Whether or like it or not, it's now sock weather.

I have a problem today. I left the house in quite a rush, and pulled on a pair of socks under my boots that were a gift last Christmas. They look right up my street: baby pink with a silver, glittery pattern sewn in. It wasn't until I was half way across London that the silver threads began to itch my ankles like crazy! I don't want to take them off and give myself blisters, but don't appear to be near any shops that sell socks... it looks like I'll have to put up with the irritation for now.

Also am forgetting my current age; I saw a gorgeous guy yesterday, but he only looked about 20... am I too old for him, or too young for a toyboy???

Brooke x


  1. Brooke :)

    Age does not matter. If the both of you can set aside the age differences and enjoy each others company that is what relationships/dating is all about.
    I've dated men younger by 5 years, my age, and older by 20 years. I found it's all about comfort, maturity, and appreciation.



  2. I think a 20 year old might love a woman who can teach him how to please a woman and one's never too old to appreciate beauty!