Wednesday, 20 October 2010

For the Boys

Well, tonight should be rather interesting. Rather than having a date with one man, I'm going to a private club to socialise with the birthday boy and all his friends! I don't mind being their doll, as long as it's for one night only. I imagine there'll be some flirting, laughing at their jokes, sitting on their laps... They can't all have kisses though. Just one for the main man! It will probably be quite funny getting so much attention, I think I will be the only lady present. Perhaps the waitress too - I wonder if she knows what she's getting herself into?!

I'm going for 40s glamour tonight. A bustier that's clinched at the waist and sits my breasts up on a shelf, a tight pencil skirt and peep toe heels. It's timeless, classic and beautiful.

I'll fill you in tomorrow,

Brooke x


  1. Sorry Ron, I'm not sure London could survive without me ;-) x