Thursday, 21 October 2010


I'm so tired! It was a lot of effort to drag myself out from under the warm duvet today, into the bitter cold. That bright sunshine out the window is deceptive.

Last night was loads of fun! The guys were all in their early 30s, suited and booted, ready to party. The wine was flowing, though I had to seriously control the amount of top ups in my glass. If they'd had their way, I would have been on the floor by 10pm! Everyone was in high spirits - it was impossible not to get caught up in. My skin tight dress was a hit; I enjoyed watching their eyes follow my figure as I sauntered around the room, touching shoulders and brushing legs. I think I even noticed a hard on from one man who was reluctant to leave the table!

By the end of the night, the lads were starting to get a bit rowdy so I pulled a Cinderella and left when the clock struck 12. Birthday boy begged me to come back with him, offering more money than he can probably afford, but I declined. He was so drunk that I doubt it would have been a very successful union. He has my number and has promised to book me again, next time for a private meeting. I look forward to his call...

Brooke x

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