Friday, 25 June 2010

Sordid Dreams

I spent the night with one of my clients last night, and had some weird, vivid dreams. The evening had been quite normal; we got a bit tipsy with a bottle of Grey Goose and cranberry juice, talked and laughed for a couple of hours over the din of the hotel bar, then made our way back to his room. He had watched as I slowly undressed, then he pulled me towards where he sat on the bed with his hands around my hips.

This guy always likes it on top; I think he enjoys the power of being with an escort, choosing the time and place, getting exactly what he wants. He laid me back and gripped the top of my arms, pinning me down as I opened my legs for him and let him inside. I could see him watching my breasts bounce up and down as he pumped into me, and that's all he needed. He had no desire for any acrobatics, dirty talk or kinky play - he just wanted to fuck me good and hard.

When he collapsed on top of me with a groan, there was no small talk; he thanked me, called me "wonderful, as usual" and rolled over to sleep. I had a quick shower and tried to join him, but it took me some time to drift off. When I finally did, I replayed the events of tonight, except in my dream more and more men kept materialising. They passed me between them, some other clients, some unfamiliar faces. It was like pass the parcel with my pussy - just a mass of flesh moving around the room with me lost in the middle. I wasn't scared but I didn't enjoy it either; I woke up feeling uncomfortable that I hadn't been in control.

I'm not very good at interpreting dreams and don't really know what it means; I could already tell you that I don't like it when situations are out of my control. The sunshine has cheered me up now anyway, last night seems like a long time ago.

Brooke x

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  1. Great post Brooke. I find it intriguing how some ladies are able to get comfortable enough to do 'over-nights' with clients. I have considered it but it's as you've said, a lose of control and the space of what normally is an activity you do alone. Don't you normally sleep alone? I do, and I love all the space :)

    Sexy Sadie