Thursday, 24 June 2010

Silky Smooth

I think that every woman who puts herself through the pain of a Brazilian or Hollywood wax deserves a good session of oral sex the next day. They say that a woman must suffer for her beauty, and this is a prime example; it makes it so silky smooth, that to not have someone go down on you afterwards would just be a waste!

On the same day, it's generally a no go area. However good your beauty therapist is, you'll still feel a little bit sticky from the wax, and if you're dark haired like me, you're going to be red afterwards for at least a few hours. But the next day, and in fact every day for the rest of that week, it is positively lickable!

I can completely understand why men would be put off by a big bush. Nobody wants to get pubes in their teeth, and hair just isn't as tongue friendly as silky smooth skin. If any women out there are wondering why their husbands aren't eager to go south, this could be the answer. It's all very well to love yourself and the skin you're in, but if you want some oral action, here's the solution!

I'm off to stroke myself.

Brooke x


  1. Oh lord how I agree with you, but whenever I say it *out loud* someone always tries to eat my face for being anti-feminist or something.. I don't wax, I'm chicken, but I shave religiously, for me more than anyone else. But he does love it ;-)

  2. Yup, silky smooth pussy is delicious! I don't wax but shave daily.

    Sexy Sadie

  3. Would you feel insulted if a man rubbed some cherry lube on your cha-cha before eating you out?

  4. I'd go down on you whether you had hair or were bare, and bet you taste delicious.

  5. Why thank you Ron! GB, I wouldn't be insulted, it's fun to play with flavoured lube sometimes... if it was every single time I might start to question it! x

  6. Silky smooth, there is nothing better.
    If only more women would consider this ...