Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Little Delicate...

I am feeling a little delicate this morning; that's the problem with large wine glasses. I'm sure I only drank three all night, but the glass held about half a bottle at a time! The sun has cheered me up slightly, but waking up to a dry mouth and an overheated bedroom didn't.

Last night was lots of fun. With a burlesque theme and a room full of colourful characters, being Brooke was surprisingly easy. As I'd anticipated, there was no judgement about my profession in this crowd; I could be myself on my time, not on bought time. My two lives crossing didn't feel scary, and I'm pretty sure that my secret's safe!

Today I find myself sulking a bit because my favourite client (the crush) has gone away for a bit. Not sure when he'll be back, and not sure if or when I'll next see him. A girl can dream...

Brooke x

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