Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Morning all,

I'm looking forward to a private party this evening where I'll be accompanied by two fine gentlemen; a few fellow bloggers are going to be the first people to meet 'Brooke'.

If you follow 'Lady of the Night', you'll know that I like to keep my personal and work life separate - writing this blog is the closest link between them. You've probably guessed that 'Brooke' is not my real name, and neither is it my escort name (I'll probably end up with multiple personality disorder one day!). I've always refused to take bookings from my blog readers because this is too personal, and of course because I write about the clients I meet. God forbid one of them read it and knew who I was! That's why I'm a little apprehensive about tonight... I definitely won't be taking any bookings, but I will be the real me AND the escort me.

Wish me luck,

Brooke x


  1. So you're definitely not having sex with anyone? That should be a novel experience. Maybe you should learn a few magic tricks for such occasions.

  2. Mr GB - I said that I definitely won't be taking any bookings, I didn't say anything about not having sex... besides, my wit and charm pull me through just about any situation ; )


  3. Hi Brooke,

    Great blog :)Looking forward to how your evening date goes ;)

    Sexy Sadie

  4. Lucky guys.
    I think keeping personal and work life seperate is in your job essential. It's unimaginable what would happen if one of your clients would read this blog here.
    By the way, i love to follow your blog. To see the world of an escort-lady from her eyes is very interesting and somewhat exciting.

  5. I think Ben's comment is correct. Crossing over work and life can be a bit dangerous to you emotionally. But if you are in 'good' company, with clients you feel comfortable with it's a little easier to let go.

    And to Ben - my blog http://escort-confessions.blogspot.com/ is often read by clients of my girlfriend (who is an escort). I often get comments from them that I cannot approve for general viewing because they are off topic. Or the clients are a bit peeved because the post reveals too much about how she views her job.

    Sexy Sadie