Monday, 28 June 2010

Accidental Thief

Good morning my lovelies,

Hope you all remembered to wear sunscreen this weekend - what a scorcher! More of that please.

I had a little shopping spree on Saturday, and for the first time in my life I inadvertently stole something! I'd bought several items in one shop, and the assistant was happily chatting away to me as she removed the tags and bagged them up for me. The total came to less than I was expecting, so I assumed that something must have been on sale without me noticing. When I got home, I checked the receipt and realised that she had neglected to charge me for one of the dresses! Is it bad that I didn't take it back to the shop? Although it wouldn't have made much of a hole in my bank account, I felt strangely smug that I'd beaten the system in some way. Is this my rebellious streak coming out?! It was also down to laziness - there was sun to enjoy, and I couldn't be bothered to trek back to the store. I wonder if I'll now feel a little bit naughty every time I wear it?

Good food, good friends and good music made this a gorgeous weekend, can't wait until the next one.

Brooke x


  1. I went to a store closeout sale last week, the pretty little girl working the cash rung up my purchases, got the money and printed my receipt, then she realized she'd forgotten to ring up my shoes.. She says "OH NO! I forgot the shoes!" then she looked furtively toward the manager, giggled at me, and stuffed them into my bag with a gleeful "Shhh!" That's when I realized that I was the last customer in the store and pretty much everything would be thrown out later that night anyhow. She probably didn't get in any trouble but we both had the devil's righteous grin when I left that store..

  2. Such a thing has happened to me already a few times. So far I had no bad conscience because it was not my fault.
    But the feeling to do something naughty remains and is kind of exciting. ;)