Friday, 4 June 2010

Love my City

There are down sides to living in London. The other day I had to use the tube quite a lot, and when I came home my nose was full of soot, blackening my tissue. Gross. You can't sit in the park or in a beer garden without at least one tramp asking for spare change - I'm happy to buy them food or water, but unless you give them a financial advisor that money is usually squandered. There's bubblegum on the pavements and road rage and of course the living cost is much more than the rest of the UK.

Despite all that, you can't deny that London is brilliant. There's so much opportunity, diversity, more colours and sounds and smells than you can take in at once. There's always parties going on all night long, and the whole city seems to hum with excitement. Or is that just me?

Sure, I feel down some days. But I'd rather do that here than anywhere else.

Brooke x

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