Friday, 21 May 2010

Good Luck, Girl

I just wanted to wish Zoe Margolis luck today. I've been following her blog 'Girl With a One Track Mind' pretty much since I started blogging myself, and I can't imagine how traumatising it must have been for her identity to be outed and then for her to be called a hooker when she's never worked in the sex industry! Girls like me (escorts) are more prepared for the back lash, but I doubt she ever expected that to happen.

She had a court hearing in London this morning; I haven't heard the outcome yet but I hope The Independent newspaper coughed up good! The most important thing for her is to get her name cleared. Zoe's just a normal girl who speaks frankly and openly about her sex life under the name 'Abby Lee' - why did the press automatically assume that she was a prostitute?!

Hopefully some nice, substantial damages will soften the blow for her a bit, and I hope her books continue to be a great success. Keep telling it like it is, Zoe!

Brooke x

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