Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nose Dive

What goes up must come down... perhaps I was a bit too sure of myself and my mood yesterday. That's when you get caught off guard. I'd hate to turn into one of those cynics who doesn't let anyone close in case they get hurt, or who passes on the highs to avoid the lows - but maybe I need to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve and expecting those around me to have the same values as I do.

The events of the day meant that my evening performance wasn't up to its usual standard; my mind was somewhere else and I could barely look him in the eye. I was really disappointed with myself because that's so unlike me; I can usually switch off whatever's going on in my personal life and transform into a sex kitten at the drop of his trousers, but I just couldn't make myself last night. He didn't have any complaints, but he must have been able to tell that I wasn't completely there with him. I'd really been looking forward to it, but couldn't sleep afterwards and just felt a bit crap.

Seriously lacking motivation today.

Brooke x

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