Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Where's my Libido?

I have my week off work soon, and the few days leading up to it are usually when my sex drive is at it's highest. Mine does tend to come and go in waves, but I generally have a high libido compared to most. I actually allow myself to get kicks out of my job, and don't see why I shouldn't! I completely understand why some escorts don't let themselves climax with clients' the want to save something for their boyfriends, they want love making to be a different experience to work. Of course I don't come every time with every client, but if I'm feeling a bit horny I like to enjoy the big hard cock presented to me! It wouldn't make an orgasm with a boyfriend any less intense or special; in fact, the more sex a woman has the higher her sex drive becomes (that explains a lot).

Anyway, I went off on a tangent. What I started saying was that my sex drive feels really low at the moment. I was with a client last night who I find quite attractive, and he's great with his fingers so I usually come more than once during an evening with him. I managed to get wet without whipping out the lube, but as he slid his finger up inside me I could feel that my muscles were tense. My mind was somewhere else and I really had to concentrate to get in the moment. It probably felt good that my pussy was so tight around his cock, but it was for the wrong reasons.

I think the problem is that the barman and I haven't been so close lately. He keeps annoying me and I can't decide what I want. I want him, but not how things are with him based in Bournemouth... but there's no way I'm leaving London to chase that dream! It's so complicated.

Ho hum,

Brooke x


  1. Well, no one can be on top form all the time. Maybe you need a bit of time off to fantasize and play with yourself.

  2. Perhaps you're right GB. They do say that all work and no play makes Brooke a dull girl... I shall have a week off and see if my mojo is restored. x