Monday, 1 February 2010

Welcome Back Belle

It is nice to have Belle back on our screens. I caught up with the first episode of the new series last night, and I really could sympathise with one bit in particular; I haven't published any novels so it's not exactly the same situation, but I hate it when people see a bleached blonde bimbo with fake boobs and candy floss pink lipstick, and assume that's what escorts are like! There are actually some with a bit of class, if you look hard enough... Belle had the same trouble with the young lady who read an extract of her book at the launch - not a very accurate representation!

There's only one time that a guy wanted me to dress like Barbie, and I went along with it for a giggle, wig and all. That was interesting; luckily he allowed me to bend at the knees so it wasn't too realistic - things may have been difficult to manoeuvre otherwise.

Hope you all had a good weekend,

Brooke x

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