Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I stayed home alone last night, cooked myself some chilli and caught up with Glee (one of my many guilty pleasures). You'd think I'd be sick of 'me time' by now after being house bound with the flu, but it was really nice and relaxing. I had an early night (by my standards), and as I lay in bed my mind kept drifting back to the night before.

The client was quite a young man, perhaps the same age as me. His lips were soft and his eyes had a look almost as wicked as mine twinkling behind them... My blow job skills were back to their usual standards, and as I kissed down his neck, along his chest and below his waist, I felt his body tense and he kept forgetting to inhale. I teased him at first; running my tongue along his abdomen, then blowing gently along the trail. I kissed the inside of his thighs, licking his balls for a second then returning to the tease. I stopped to make sure I had his attention, at this point knelt between his open legs on the bed. I looked at him with wide eyes then ran my tongue slowly up the length of his shaft. He gasped, and I knew that I shouldn't tease him any longer in case he exploded with frustration!

Swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, I took over half of it into my mouth and pressed my lips against him, taking the last inch in my hand and holding him tightly. I made sure that everything got really wet, letting my hand and lips work with ease. Feeling the wetness his cock got that little bit harder, just when I though he'd reached his full potential! I worked hard on him, caressing the tip with my tongue then taking the length of him into my mouth again, right up to my throat so that my lips were clamped around the base of his hard on.

After bringing him right to the brink of climax several times over, he knelt up and came all over my face and breasts, swearing with the intensity of his pleasure. I knew it was a job well done.

This is what I thought of as I touched myself in bed, bringing myself to that same intense orgasm that I'd given him.

Brooke x


  1. Call me old fashioned, but it seems such a waste when they come over you rather than inside you.

  2. I have no intention to procreate just yet Mr Bananas... (but who's to say he didn't come inside me later?) x

  3. Wonderful post, but one of the really sad things about your blog is that you won't meet people who know you via the blog. Perfectly understandable, but boy, I would love to meet you!

  4. I know DrJ/Mr H, I'm sorry! I think I give far too much away about myself on here... perhaps one day I'll make an exception for my most loyal readers - perhaps hold an auction for a night with me? ;-) x

  5. That's fantastic,I always cum harder if I have a pretty girls face or a nice set of titties being held out as a target for me to ejaculate all over!

    I loved reading about the blowjob technique,the tease and buildup is exactly how I described a blowjob from a hooker called Nikki on my blog...not another alias,is it?

  6. I do have another alias when I'm working, but I'd never reveal it! Nikki sounds lovely, but regrettably I'm not 18 any more... I'm now the grand old age of 24. But I did get asked for ID today, which made my day! x

  7. Ah,forgive me Brooke,I meant to make it clear to readers that the girls I review (or reminisce about) aren't in any chronological order,and while some experiences are recent,most are not (as the blog is new,yet my habit is long-running) so I actually fucked Nikki maybe 9/10 years ago,she would be about 28/29.
    So it's not you-that's a shame,I wish I had gine back for a few more sessions,she was incredible!
    Anyway,thanks for reading,you're always welcome on my blog.