Wednesday, 24 February 2010


They say that a woman must suffer for her beauty. I'm all for that, I think it's absolutely worth a bit of pain to turn out soft, smooth and radiant. I don't mind tweezing my eyebrows (though it often makes me sneeze?!), and I can cope with the discomfort of 5 inch heels. But the worst thing I have to endure on a regular basis is an epilator. See that lovely lady on the advert, looking all blissful and relaxed? It's all lies! Her legs hate her right now! At least waxing is fast.

I often epilate because you can do it effectively sooner than waxing - my lifestyle does not afford me to sit around waiting until the hair growth is as long as a grain of rice. To be fair the pain does get less and less each time you do it; but I'll never forget that first time, trying an epilator after weeks of shaving my legs... beware ladies!

Brooke x


  1. You should find a good hearted man to do this for you. If "the pond" weren't in the way I'd gladly offer my depilatory services, waxing being my specialty.... There's just something about being "down there" that puts me in a trance of luxurious servitude.


  2. That's why I leave my legs as they are. ;-)

  3. Chex, that sounds like a good plan. That's my problem - none of the women at beauty salons worship me!

    Riff - Glad to hear it :-p x