Friday, 11 December 2009


No appointment tonight and a very swanky one tomorrow! Should be a good weekend.

I made some more easy money last night. One of my regulars often emails me, and he wanted some stimulation whilst alone in his hotel room. Obviously I wouldn't send him photos, but he transferred me some money in exchange for some erotic stories... how fun! I told him step by step exactly what I was going to do to him the next time we met. It made me quite horny too, so I sorted myself out before drifting off to sleep.

Perhaps I should write a book of erotic short stories... would you buy it?

Brooke x


  1. Well,I only like the real life stuff,rather than stories.
    Just write a book,you don't even need to use your imagination,the stuff on your blog is facinating enough,you can just embellish it.
    Or perhaps a novella/short story collection as a follow-up companion?
    You could even skip the publisher and get a short run printed yourself,there are small printers who specialise in small batch printing for those wanting to cut out the middleman,or produce an e-book,that would virtually eliminate costs,a lot of bloggers do that now.

  2. Perhaps I'll get round to it one day; I only plan to work as an escort for a couple more years so I could use it as an outlet to reminisce after that... x