Friday, 20 November 2009


It's the weekend! I'm very excited; going to take the barman to the Erotica exhibition, show him my kinky side. I have butterflies in my stomach at the thought of seeing him - it's kinda nice.

Had another client last night, a very wealthy American man. He was quite handsome in a silver fox way; not quite as smouldering as George Clooney, but certainly worth a look (I almost adopted a disgusting but hilarious phrase from my friend there, but decided against it!). I can't decide whether I like a man in a sharp suit best, or a rugged type in jeans and t-shirt. Or just in their boxers... I think I just like men in general!

Mr X had a lot of vigour - I'm sure he works out because 50 year olds are not usually that fit. With me on top of him, he grabbed my hips and lifted me up and down. I hardly had to do any work at all! This man was quite assertive and told me exactly how he liked it, which is much more preferable than trying to guess by the speed of their breathing. He ordered me to touch myself in front of him and I happily obliged. I'd had really sexy dreams the night before and woken up randy, but couldn't sort myself out because I had an appointment with my trainer. It felt good to self indulge, I almost forgot he was there at one point. It wasn't until he came across my breasts with a moan that I registered he had been leaning over me, rubbing his cock frantically.

I liked this client; without sounding too spiritual, he had a nice aura about him. Not quite as sexy as the barman though...

Brooke x

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