Thursday, 19 November 2009

Relieving the Tension

I finally got back to what I'm good at last night, I hate having to pass up opportunities. I'd been ill for a while so couldn't see any clients, but now I'm well and truly back in the saddle.

I treated myself to some new underwear (again) yesterday; I decided to go for some slightly slutty looking red with a black lace trim rather than the sophisticated or girly style I usually go for. I was just feeling a bit playful and thought that if I'm going to be a high class hooker, I may as well dress like one! I did worry momentarily that my client might think I was cheap or tacky, but he still treated me with complete respect and was very admiring of it.

My lingerie is an array of colours, and now the rainbow's complete. I can't just stick to black - my favourites are a turquoise silk set with a suspender belt, and a raspberry coloured corset. Any of the jewel tones are good, sapphire and emerald. Guess I've got ruby now too!

The client was quite traditional; he didn't expect any aerobics from me. I just laid beneath him and moaned appreciatively as he moved inside me. It didn't last very long, but judging by his wheezing afterwards I think that's probably a good thing...

Brooke x

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