Monday, 23 November 2009

Worth Waking Up For

This weekend was pretty awesome. The barman and I went to the erotica exhibition on Saturday, and then to dinner with a Burlesque show. I adore the glamour, the sequins and feathers - sometimes I wonder if I ought to get into Burlesque dancing. I have the right figure for it; hourglass curves, breasts pert enough to show off in nothing but tassels. I think I'd kind of love it.

Saturday night and Sunday morning were spent fucking for hours on end. It was so hot in my room, we were filthy by lunchtime but we didn't care. He never stopped worshipping my body; even in sleep he was caressing my skin. He was supposed to go back to Bournemouth last night but I convinced him to stay with me for one more night. I woke up horny in the early hours but there were no signs of life from the barman. I stroked his arm and his side, but he didn't stir. Not even when I trailed my fingers along the inside of his thighs. I was encouraged by the fact that I found his cock standing erect so I wrapped my fingers around it and started to rub it gently. His finger twitched at that point; I rolled over and positioned myself so that his hand would find my warm pussy, wet and ready for him the moment he woke. He roused slowly, and seeing a smile beneath his closed eyes I climbed onto him and lowered myself onto his cock. I rocked gently, pushing myself down to take the full length of him. Soon we turned so that he was on his side and me on my back, and he took control of the thrusting. When he felt me getting close he knelt up and started to thrust harder, eyes wide open now. He came inside me as my body shuddered an intense climax. Apparently it was the best wake up call he's ever had.

I really like him...

Brooke x

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