Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Love for Lingerie

I don't usually have an addictive personality, but lingerie is my weakness. It can make you feel beautiful, powerful, in control... it's just impossible to stay gloomy with black silk between your legs!

My client last night was quite taken with my ribboned thong and fishnet stockings combo. I love that you can wear fishnets in the winter without looking like an escort- patterned tights are everywhere right now! They're both from Wicked Tickles, my new favourite. You've got to respect places like Ann Summers and Agent Provocateur for bringing sexy into the mainstream, but I see their pieces on other girls a bit too often. Wicked Tickles is just that little bit classier - perfect for a girl like me.

He could tell that I'd made an effort for him - these are not the kind of panties you wear for practicality. I didn't undress myself one bit; he slowly orbited me and removed my clothes one by one. First slipping my coat off my shoulders and tossing it over the chair, then unwinding my scarf and doing the same. He slowly worked the zip of my dress down and let it drop to the floor, coaxing me by the hand to step out of it. He stayed standing behind me as he undid the clasp of my bra, pushing the straps over my arms and past my hands.

The most fun was had with the bow on the back of my thong; when it was tied up, I loved the feeling of the triangle of ribbon holding my buttocks in tightly. He tugged at the bow and it flowed undone, letting them slide to my ankles easily. The whole experience was very sensual, not rushed.

The only things I kept on were my stockings and heels - one of my favourite looks. I think those bow back briefs will get a few more wears too...

Brooke x

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