Saturday, 13 June 2009


This is why I love what I do. The gentleman last night was exactly that; a gentleman. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, one I've only been to a couple of times before. We had dinner in the restaurant downstairs, then spent the evening watching old Audrey Hepburn movies in his room. I adore those! Of course, Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic, but I love Funny Face too. It makes me want to be back in Paris.

He was a very gentle lover; fit for his age, and impressive stamina. He didn't ask for anything out of the ordinary, he just wanted me to kiss him, and lie underneath him as he rocked back and forth rhythmically. It was quite relaxing really. In the middle of the night, he spooned me and took me from behind. In the pitch black he got a bit more heated, and his thrusts were harder and more persistant than last time. This time he let out a groan as he came, and squeezed my breasts so hard it was almost painful. After that, he slept very soundly.

He insisted on buying me a gift this morning to say thank you, so I'm currently flashing my shiny new Lulu Guiness handbag. It's gorgeous.


Brooke x

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