Friday, 12 June 2009


Nobody panic, Brooke's out of her strop now! Yesterday was all kinds of stressful, but the balance has been restored and I'm feeling much better.

I think I'm going to cool things with Josh; the heat is still there but it's now intermingled with suspicion and boredum, neither of which I am partial to. I wonder if he'd be satisfied being my fuck buddy? I doubt it, men have a habit of falling in love with me far too quickly. I can't help being so loveable!

Friday is a happy day. Always. I have an overnight stay with a very high profile client this evening; should be interesting...


Brooke x


  1. Josh is a lucky guy. He doesn't know how much he's going to miss you.

  2. Why thank you Willie, we'll soon find out. Hope he'll be ok... x