Monday, 15 June 2009


I had the talk with Josh last night. When he came over yesterday, it just confirmed my worries that things were turning stale, beginning to get boring. He didn't seem to realise anything was wrong; he just put the television on, put his feet up. As was now usual. It wasn't until I gave him the 'we need to talk' line that the slightest bit of alarm rose in his eyes.

What he needs to understand is that I'm a high maintenance girl. I am an exceptionally good girlfriend (apart from the secret other life), and I go to great lengths to please my partner. I deserve to be treated like a princess, and not just for the first few weeks; I think he got too comfortable and started taking me for granted. I'm not going to cut him out completely. I'll give him a chance to make it up to me if he wants to take me out, but from today I'm not calling myself his girlfriend anymore.

Always demanding (but so worth it),

Brooke x

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