Monday, 4 May 2009

Out of Action

I have a few days off work now, due to lady stuff that you probably don't want to hear about. Bank holiday again, and yet again I'm bored because everything's shut. Perhaps a marathon of 'Sex & the City' DVDs is in order? Combined with some Pralines & Cream Haagen Daaz, a fleecy blanket & nice cup of tea... actually, bank holidays aren't so bad!

I might also find some time to go & watch Wolverine, he is quite lush. Wouldn't say no to a bit of Hugh Jackman. Hopefully Josh will take me (and I'll drool at the screen in secret); lets see how well we get on without the sex! Although, it wouldn't be the first time I've given a blow job in the cinema...

One of my girlfriends has just started to work for a new London Escorts agency; she's been in this business longer than me so gives me tips. They get to wear costumes and stuff there, it looks like fun! I always like an excuse to dress up ; )

Anyways, back to the sofa!

Brooke x

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