Saturday, 2 May 2009

Brewers Droop

Good morning my lovelies.

Back to work last night - although I didn't get to do what I'm best at. Had a call to visit 'Dave', an average looking man in his thirties. He had obviously been drinking since earlier in the day, and by the time I arrived it's fair to say he was absolutely legless. As soon as I was through the door he was pawing me and drooling all over me. When he saw that I was wearing hold up stockings, he made some excited farm animal-like noise that I couldn't quite decipher. Thinking that this would be a quick and easy job, I unbuckled his belt and yanked down his trousers and boxers. My nails caught his skin on the way down which is a faux pas; I should never mark a man's body in case he has a woman waiting for him elsewhere.

The problem was, that despite his blatant enthusiasm, Dave couldn't get it up. I tried my hand, my lips, my breasts... nothing was happening. He made all the right noises, as if he didn't want to accept the sad truth that his money had been wasted. He was hardly in any state for decent conversation, so me being there was rather pointless. I could give him a cuddle, but didn't think that would go down very well with this one.

After 20 minutes he admitted defeat, and in greatly embarrassed mumbles he told me I could go. Thanks Dave, sigh of relief! I won't take it as a personal insult, I don't think he could've got it up for Jenna Jameson. Bless him.

Brooke x

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