Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Feeling lovely

I'm feeling gorgeous (if a little bloated) today. Both my flatmates went out last night so I had the flat to myself. Josh had other plans (no Wolverine - booo!), so I decided to have some 'me' time. I put the music channel on full blast, whipped out the manicure kit, face mask, exfoliation gloves and moisturiser. I don't know if this makes me really narcissistic, but when I feel more beautiful it makes me randy. Is that just me? I know Britney feels the same way; pretty sad of me to quote her lyrics but I know what she means when she sings 'Touch of my Hand':

"The small of my back
The arch of my feet
Lately I've been noticing the beautiful me
I'm all in my skin and I'm not gonna wait
I'm into myself in a most precious way"

It's on her 'In the Zone' album. Had anybody else clicked that the song's all about masturbation?? Great stuff. I had to see to myself in the shower, I love ours. It has one of those heads that you can turn to change the water jet & pressure. Mmm. If you haven't tried experiementing with that girls, I sincerely suggest you do. Right now.

Have fun,

Brooke x

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