Monday, 20 April 2009

20th April

What a beautiful day! I just love how the sunshine makes everyone happy. My flatmates and I spent Sunday afternoon in Green Park - picnic blanket, a bottle or 3 of rose, Marc Jacobs shades and enough gossip to put old ladies to shame. Hurrah for the summer!

I think I may have been a little pessamistic when I asked my friends for an umbrella and some funky wellies for my birthday, but with this country's track record I though I was being sensible & practical. Did you think I wouldn't have preferred a new handbag and a manicure set?!

This will be my first full summer in London. I cannot wait, I'm so excited; more days in the park, browsing the markets, nights in beer gardens until the stars come out... Also I've found that men tend to be more randy in summertime. The sight of all those scantily clad girls - bikini tops, floaty flimsy dresses, strappy heels... It drives them wild.

So today I'm going for a run instead of hitting the gym, then back to the flat for a leisurely shower before my date tonight. I might even sit out on the balcony to paint my nails.

Be good,

Brooke x

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