Tuesday, 21 April 2009

21st April

That was good. For once, I got to date a hot guy in his 20s with a gorgeous apartment. It doesn't happen often, but I guess these city business types don't have the time to socialise and find a girlfriend, so girls like me are the perfect solution. I suspected it was a nice location from the address in Canary Wharf my agent gave me. I still wasn't quite prepared for what I saw; a penthouse apartment, minimalist furniture and so many gadgets that I couldn't work out what half of them did! I'm so glad I wore my Louboutins tonight, this guy obviously had some serious money.

I did my very best. If I could get a regular booking with a man like this, my life would be sweeet! I bet he'd buy me presents, and he was really good looking. He had a smooth, tanned, muscular back, stood at about 6ft and had green eyes with sandy coloured hair. I'd do him even if I wasn't being paid! Although I gave him the most enthusiastic blow job of my life and rode him til he exploded with a roar, he didn't invite me to stay the night. I was quite gutted, I thought I'd made an impression on him. Oh well, maybe he had an early start - I sincerely hope he'll ask for me again. Fingers crossed!

Brooke x

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