Wednesday, 15 April 2009

15th April

I'm awake now!

I had a bit of a pamper this morning. My nails are now painted crimson red, which in my opinion you can't beat. Red signifies power, passion, love. I suppose anger too, but I don't really have an angry side. Now please don't go testing that theory, I'm sure I could be provoked somehow!

I had a dream about my ex last night. We broke up last year and I was devestated. I had always been the heartbreaker in the past, always the one in control. But he had some kind of hold over me, something I'd never experienced. He could keep me up all night in a number of ways; captivating conversation, a cocktail of drugs and alcohol or fucking (of course). After a few months of low libido, he shot it through the roof & made me insatiable. I tell you no lie - he could make me cum in 10 SECONDS flat. From nothing to the big O. Incredible! I miss those magic fingers.
The dreams normally lean towards that subject. Our relationship was never gooey or sentimental; we challenged each other. We were dynamite.

When he left I had a month of grieving, then picked myself up. Christmas always cheers you up - I love presents! Then the excitement of New Year's Eve, a brand new start... Now I'm back to my old sparkly self and living the dream. I have enough adventures to fill a novel! Until I have time for that, I'll carry on posting these blogs so I don't forget and you don't miss out.


Brooke x

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